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Great Franchises are Made Up of Even Better Owners

Get to Know GoTo Foods From Those Who Know Us Best

At GoTo Foods™, we don’t succeed unless our brands’ franchise owners do. That’s why our brands put their energy into creating robust systems that put their franchisees first. Don’t take our word for it. Learn more about our brands’ franchisees’ experiences with each of our brands below.

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“As a franchisee, I am very excited about Jamba’s® direction with its rebranding initiatives and ample opportunity for growth in new markets and venues across the country. In addition to the growth potential, the brand continues to invest in the menu to stay relevant and on-trend, which also helps support healthy unit economics.”

Panos Joulios

Jamba® Franchise Owner

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“McAlister’s Deli® is a brand that continues to grow and innovate, always staying on top of current industry trends, technology investment and consumer demand for accessibility. Offering a robust menu with healthy and hearty items for the entire family and thoughtfully-integrated technology, including an industry-leading loyalty program and mobile app, McAlister’s Deli® is a brand that continues to build value and equity for our company.”

David Blackburn

CEO of Southern Rock Restaurants

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“Our food is unique. Our customers are loyal. We offer something that they can’t get anywhere else. We are fast, convenient and consistent. Our sandwich bread and pizza crust is baked fresh-from-scratch each morning. And with life’s current demands, where else can you get a whole pizza at the drive-thru, in less than 4 minutes?”

Viral Patel

Schlotzsky’s® Franchise Owner

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“Moe’s Southwest Grill® has recently made significant strides in modernization, making sure that we provide a seamless online ordering experience, updated interiors with in-store graphics showing our bold personality and a new logo, all while serving the same delicious food our guests crave. This is a brand I’m excited to grow with into the future. Big things are ahead!”

Roger Wagner

Moe’s Southwest Grill® Franchise Owner

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“Carvel® has loyal and enthusiastic multi-generational fans who continuously come back to enjoy everything the brand has to offer so this is an exciting investment for our company. We see a lot of potential in Carvel® and look forward to continuing to grow.”

Steven Hidary

Chief Operating Officer at Hidrock Properties

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“An iconic brand like Auntie Anne’s® is beloved by our customers, but, for franchisees, it has the power to drive strong unit level economics, whether that is in a mall location or a streetside location. An impressive growth strategy designed to bring pretzels to the people in exciting new formats gives me the confidence to continue investing in the brand.”

Luis San Miguel

Auntie Anne’s® Franchise Owner, Cinnabon® Franchise Owner, and Carvel® Franchise Owner

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